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SPC Vinyl Flooring in Nakuru

Elements Custom Flooring is a leading supplier of SPC flooring serving Nakuru.

What is SPC Vinyl Flooring?

SPC, or stone plastic composite, is the latest technology in vinyl flooring. Where in traditional vinyl flooring, the core layer of the floor is made from a wood-polymer blend or linked fibreglass layer, the core layer of an SPC floor is manufactured using a combination of stone-powder and polymer (plastic). This creates a much stronger product that does not react to environmental changes.

Elements Custom Flooring’s SPC product uses a calcium-carbonate-stone-powder core for a longer-lasting product.


What Are The Benefits of SPC Flooring?

While other vinyl products react to environmental changes, rigid SPC does not flex or warp with moisture, humidity or temperature. It is much more stable under extreme temperatures and is completely waterproof. This means you can install an SPC floor in a kitchen or bathroom, bringing a wood-finish to your room without having to worry about water damage. SPC flooring is much quicker to install owing to its more efficient click system. This means no more high labour costs when redoing your flooring. Through Elements Custom Flooring SPC flooring is available in Kenya in a wide range of looks and finishes, designed to mimic almost any traditional wooden floor. 






What Is Included In The SPC Vinyl Offering?


Elements Custom Flooring has sourced the best flooring manufacturers in China to ensure our clients receive the highest quality product. We supply custom-made flooring to your size, colour and finish specifications. Our product is stable up to 60 degrees and is 100% waterproof.
We work very closely with a highly-experienced installation team to ensure our customers receive the best service. We are therefore able to include installation in our quote, if that is required by the customer.

Serving Nakuru residents for SPC Vinyl 


Elements Custom Flooring is a top-quality flooring company in Kenya, serving Nakuru. Our custom-made SPC (stone plastic composite) rigid vinyl offers our clients a wide selection of flooring solutions that bring a luxurious feel to any room.


Get A Quote For SPC Vinyl Flooring In Nakuru

Contact Elements Custom Flooring in Nakuru, Kenya today for a quote on your next SPC flooring project. Whether you are just wanting to buy SPC flooring, or need someone to install as well, we can help.

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