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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Elements Custom Flooring Team is a group of service driven hard working and passionate leaders that are driven to make Africa a better place.

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Oscar Dennis & James Murphy pulled together through international rugby, their journey began on the World Rugby 7s series in 2019. Oscar played for Kenya 7s and James played for South Africa 7s. After Oscar suffered a life changing leg injury, he moved to Cape Town to live with James. Their common interest in making Africa, in particular Kenya a place where opportunity would meet passion. Through thorough market research and a family history in the industry, the gap for SPC vinyl flooring and composite decking in Kenya and other African based countries became a reality. Linking up with some of the best manufacturers and ensuring the best quality and service, Elements Custom flooring began.


 A place where your dream space is completed by combining elegance and durability. With our luxury top spec products we guarentee a better product performance with a personal touch. From custom SPC (stone plastic & composite) rigid vinyl flooring to Suprotect composite decking options, we offer a wide variaty of styles to select from. With our SPC, we guarantee at least 50% better quality than traditional vinyl tiles. This product was designed to capture the feeling of nature and luxury in the same room, whilst ensuring quality and durability. Our top spec composite decking allows for a vast array of functions, with its favourable durability and natural look, it is a customer favourite..

Interior Design
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