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SPC Vinyl

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC, or stone plastic composite, is the latest technology in vinyl flooring. Where in traditional vinyl flooring, the core layer of the floor is made from a wood-polymer blend or linked fibreglass layer, the core layer of an SPC floor is manufactured using a combination of stone-powder and polymer. This creates a much stronger product that does not react to environmental changes. Elements Custom Flooring’s SPC product uses a calcium-carbonate-stone-powder core for a longer-lasting product.


Our SPC Product


The Elements Custom Flooring SPC Collection of luxury flooring brings the beauty of nature into your home, providing an array of advantages at the same time. Top quality and long lasting, these floors are designed with both style and durability in mind. Their 100% water resistance also opens endless home makeover possibilities, allowing you to install a floor that looks just like solid wood in a bathroom or a kitchen.


Elements Custom Flooring have just released a new range of vinyl tile called Eco SPC that is manufactured with a rigid stone plastic composite (SPC) core. The rigid core is manufactured with calcium-carbonate-stone dust core for a better performing vinyl tile.


SPC Rigid vinyl flooring is at least 50% better than traditional luxury vinyl tiles in physical performance owing to improvements in the dimensional stability, which is now four-times better. The new product is also much more stable under increasing temperatures of up to 60 degrees.

Choose the ideal design for your property makeover plans from the fantastic range of our wood effect styles. Here you will find the perfect luxury flooring for your needs.


SPC Specs

SPC SPEC 2.png
Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 00.35.49.png
spc flooring layers..png

ABA/ESPC Flooring

To add to our range of top spec products we have now made ABA/ESPC Flooring available to our clients. So what is ABA/ESPC Flooring? The ABA construction process consists of balancing vinyl layers below and above the Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) core. This process creates a much more stable ABA core adding to its performance as well as providing a better and more natural underfoot feel. This specific ABA structure enables the SPC to keep its rigid character whilst adding the soft touch of a PVC vinyl floor. The technology used especially in the flexible elasticity helps with this soft touch and can reduce impact from falls; effectively protecting family health. Due to our product being a premium SPC product adds to its superior performance and environmental protection alongside offering great sound absorption. This premium product has generally replaced the ceramic tile and wood floors in developed countries becoming the first choice of floor decoration materials.


LVT sheet + SPC rigid core + LVT sheet (ABA Three layers)



1. Environment-friendly - no plasticisers, formaldehyde or toxic chemicals

2. Appearance

3. Click-in system

4. No adhesive needed

5. Long lifetime

6. Waterproof

7. Anti-slip

8. Fireproof

9. Wear resistant

10. Top quality

11. Price – cheaper than traditional hardwood

12. No maintenance needed

13. Quick to install, move and change

14. Light weight




What is EIR?

Embossed-in-Register (EIR) is the newest addition to the SPC family.

EIR is the manufacturing process that intensifies the texture, depth, and authentic look of the flooring giving it a natural look and feel of wood making it much more appealing to the end user. This texture pattern is created in the embossing process which aligns with the printed design creating realistic wood visuals with generic wood grain. Elements Custom Flooring uses the most advanced Embossed-in-Register technology giving clients the choice to have a floor that looks fantastic and feels like natural real wood without the issues that natural hardwood produces. Our EIR range combines the gorgeous appeal of high-end hardwood flooring but comes with all the benefits of a high-quality vinyl floor.


Colour Range

* Colours are subject to availability and order quantities

Pros & Cons of SPC flooring

When trying out a new product it is important to understand the good and the bad that come with it. Below is some more information on SPC.

Pros & Cons of SPC Flooring

Pros and Cons of SPC

Advantages of SPC Flooring

Real Wood-like Design

One of the largest contributing factors to the demand and success of SPC flooring is its

timeless design mimicking the beauty of nature. Carefully crafted our top spec and quality

product is even able to achieve the real-wood likeliness that is difficult to tell the difference. You can proudly say that it is ‘wood’ flooring without all the drawbacks of real hardwood floors.

Budget Friendly

Generally, SPC flooring is much more affordable than hardwood flooring, yet it can provide the same natural wood-look effect you desire. The installation cost is also inexpensive, in comparison to other options as well as the maintenance costs of which are minimal once it has been laid. It is a great alternative to expensive wood flooring.

Wide Range of Style and Selections

The huge variety of styles and colours gives you the freedom to end up with your desired

pattern and arrangement. If you are a risk taker, have fun while you mix and match with a wide range of colours to create your perfect look and feel. 

Able To Sustain High Traffic

Don’t be surprised that SPC flooring can handle high-traffic activity better than other types of flooring and is one of the main reasons why SPC flooring is so popular. At Elements Custom Flooring we import commercial grade SPC which can sustain lots of foot traffic perfect for large families, office spaces, malls, or hotels to name a few. This is normally a safer and longer-lasting option than residential grade flooring.

Durable And Long-lasting

Don’t be surprised to find that SPC flooring can last over 20 years if it is installed correctly

and well maintained which is easy to do which is why some big brands of SPC flooring can

provide warranties of 15 years and above. The quality range of SPC and ways of manufacture are the determining factors of how well your SPC flooring lasts. Speaking of quality, below are the SPC materials with prominent durable features that should not be missed: Solid and composite SPC: These are the homogeneous type of SPC having high resistance against scratches and surface damage. Fibreglass reinforced SPC: It is one of the most durable types as fibreglass is great for its strength and flexibility. This type of SPC material is extremely durable and able to sustain

heavy-duty usage.

Easy To Clean and Maintain

If you are not a homemaker or do not have much time for house chores, SPC flooring might be what you need. All you must do is sweep or use a damp mop occasionally and it will be more than sufficient to keep your house clean. If you find any damaged pieces or tiles, you can simply replace each piece without having to remove the entire floor saving a lot of money and time. You will soon find that maintaining the condition of SPC flooring is much easier in comparison to other types of flooring.

Underfoot Comfort

SPC flooring is not as hard as normal wooded flooring due to its core. A thin layer of foam or felt is normally used on the underside of the SPC flooring, providing a more comfortable feel. This padded structure adds softness and flexibility allowing for increased safety. The level of comfort when stepping on it is also different from any other type of flooring making it a great option for any commercial property too. 

Simple And Direct Installation

SPC flooring can be installed directly on top of an existing floor if the condition of the floor is flat and smooth. The installation is simple, particularly with our click-lock system used on the boards.

Stain Resistant

Our premium SPC product at Elements Custom Flooring is famously known for being stain resistant. This is due to the wear layer we print on the top of the SPC surface that acts as a protective barrier against spillage and stains. Since not all types of SPC flooring have strong stain resistance, you might want to avoid composite or solid SPC if this feature is your main concern. This is where our commercial grade options are desirable. 

Water Resistant

SPC flooring that is well-installed is almost seamless which makes it difficult for water to get in. This interesting benefit allows it to be installed in almost every area of your house including kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Our product itself is 100% waterproof which adds to its durability. 


Disadvantages of SPC Flooring

Specific Subfloor Preparation

The subfloor needs to be levelled, relatively smooth and free from debris and dirt before

installation can take place. This process can require time and effort to get the perfect

outcome. If the condition of the subfloor is not well prepared, any particles trapped

underneath will cause lumps and bumps on the SPC surface. This could cause frustrating

flooring issues over time and can even lead to the rip and tear of SPC parts.

Susceptible To Sharp Objects

Heavy furniture or any sharp objects may leave scratches and abrasions on the SPC flooring surface if not handled correctly. Extra care is needed when it comes to contact with sharp and abrasive objects. Always remember to cover SPC flooring with a layer of felt, mat or rugs to keep your flooring surface smooth for longer. We advise the commercial grade SPC as it is less susceptible to these potential wear and tear threats.

Sensitive To Moisture

There are some types of SPC flooring that are not suitable to be installed in high moisture

areas due to their quality and make up. Just check with your SPC flooring supplier on its

functionality before making any purchase.

Yellowing And Discoloration

Although SPC flooring can resist most stains, we advise the prevention of strong chemical

coming into direct contact with the SPC floor surface as these chemicals can stain the SPC. Although the yellowing of SPC flooring can be due to several factors one is the chemicals emitted from rubber which is a major culprit of this issue. You could overcome this problem by replacing any rubber material with non-staining rubber material. Discolouration is also caused by long-term exposure to UV light as well as dirt that traps underneath the wax layer. However, not all SPC flooring will have discolouration, it all depends on the quality. High- quality SPC will be safe from discolouration.

Unable To Be Refinished or Repair

Despite that SPC flooring is generally known for its high durability, some low-quality SPC flooring is easier to wear out or tear. Once it’s damaged, it is difficult to repair, and the only option is to have that piece replaced. SPC tiles or planks are much easier to replace compared to SPC sheets in most cases. Therefore, you should put this into consideration before choosing which type of SPC flooring best fits your use.

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