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Meet The Founders

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Brought together through diversity and a passion to make Africa a better place through helping people create their perfect space.

How we met?

Pulled together through international rugby, their journey began on the World Rugby 7s series in 2019. Oscar played for Kenya 7s and James played for South Africa 7s. After Oscar suffered a life changing leg injury, he moved to Cape Town to live with James. Their common interest in making Africa, in particular Kenya a place where opportunity would meet passion. Through thorough market research and a family history in the industry, the gap for SPC vinyl flooring and composite decking in Kenya became a reality. Linking up with some of the best manufacturers and ensuring the best quality and service, the rest was history.

Why SPC vinyl and Composite Decking?

Entering the market with these two products seemed to be the best route. With both products being very durable, water proof and fire proof, it made the most sense as the climate in countries like Kenya can be so unforgiving. They believe by specialising in a certain product will allow them to fully customise the product to fit the required needs of a customer.

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